Welcome to the New Perspective Community.  We are a Christian community that seeks to To do Life together, and Welcome others to grow as a Family in Christ, Discipling the Next Generation into God's Kingdom Today. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer.


Pastor Douglas Pereira
New Perspective Community



11:00 AM   RELATE: It is a relational and interactive time to learn how
                  Jesus' teachings relate to our day to day lives.
12:30 PM   REFUEL: It's a social refueling as our community shares
                  a fellowship meal together.         
2:00 PM    RESTORE: It's a deeper look at restoring our relationship
                 with Jesus.

7:00 PM    RECONNECT: It's connecting back together with GOD and
                 each other in the middle of the week through an online and
                 dynamic prayer meeting. Zoom.us ID 639 471 0436