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Camp Whitesand Summer Camps Dates – More information will be following:
Adventure Camp July 7-12 Ages 7-9
Junior 1 Camp July 12-19 Ages 10-13
Junior 2 Camp July 19-26 Ages 10-13
Youth Camp July 26-August 2 Ages 14-17
WANTED a NURSE for Camp Meeting starting August 6-15th, 2020. Please contact Aleisha Mazier via phone at 306.244.9700 ext. 202 or email at amazier@mansaskadventist.ca
CAMP MEETING REGISTRATION (August 7-15, 2020) has been in full swing since Monday, February 3. Contact Aleisha Mazier at 306.244.9700 ext. 202 or E-mail at amazier@mansaskadventist.ca to book your site or cabin and for the rates. Note that the rates increase on May 1. Please be prepared to pay the same day you reserve that site or cabin (cabins are for the elderly only). We accept the following ways of payment: Cheque, VISA, MASTERCARD, and Debit cards. The following are still available (none have water or sewer): 15 AMP Sites – 10 remaining; 30 AMP Sites – 21 remaining; NO Power sites – 38 remaining. Don’t delay getting a site if you are planning oncoming to Camp Meeting.

Camp Meeting Food Fair Application Form