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Cutting Edge Core: The purpose of the Cutting Edge Core is to cultivate a thriving environment in the community moving beyond our boundaries as we help people discover and live out their calling.

Catalystic Core:  The purpose of the Catalystic Core is to reveal the heart of God and equip the people of God to live into God’s new social order by helping all the gifts of the Spirit come alive in the congregation.

Caller Core: The purpose of the Caller Core is to invite people to the kingdom of God and excite the people of God to be witnesses.

Care Core: The purpose of the Care Core is to develop and maintain a healthy community through fostering enriching, loving relationships. We are encouragers, comforters, empathizers working together to create a sense of family and harmony, so people can work toward finding their own discipleship.

Coaching Core: The purpose of the Coaching Core is to guide people to dwell faithfully in God’s story. We help people immerse themselves in scripture by looking for ways to explain, enlighten and apply truth.

Commitment Core:

Cornerstone Core: